Online creators and infuencers should focus on creating and influencing, not technology

Let us worry about the design and technology side of your information business so you can focus on what you do best: creating consistent content that changes lives.

As a busy author, speaker, or online influencer, what’s the best use of your time?


Correct Answer

Focusing on those activites only you can do: creating content, developing strategies, and building partnerships.

Incorrect Answer

Messing with your website, creating graphics, formatting emails, fixing bugs, and managing multiple vendors.

Technology: The necessary evil

Let’s face it: technology and design are critical to your goals, but you’re not a techie/designer, nor do you wish to become one.

And even with today’s “easy to use” marketing tools and website builders, you still feel like your drowning in an sea of options with too much to learn and too much to manage.

The answer: Divide and conquer

Imagine not worring about the tech at all because you have a reliable souce of tech and design support that takes care of it for you.

That’s us. We’re Tackle The Tech, and we’re you’re new technology partner.

Meet TTT

We’re Grant and Tyson, two competent, consistant, and caring techie/designers on a mission to help today’s thought leaders spread their important messages and services faster and farther.

Escape the Tech

We will save you from the burden of managing your websites and marketing tools yourself.

Keep Things Sharp

We will ensure everything looks professional using our 15 years of web and graphic design experience.

Gain a Partner

We learn about you, your message, and your brand intimately so we can truly partner with you.

What We Offer

Comprehensive Support

Online business requires more than a pretty website; you need a complete online platform that delievers your content to the right people at the right time.

That’s why we offer support for all your systems–to provide you with a true “escape hatch” from your tech so you can focus on your most important activites.

Websites, Hosting, and Domains

Ex. WordPress, Kajabi, Simplero, GoDaddy, etc.

Email Automation Systems

Ex. Mailchimp, CovertKit, Infusionsoft, Simplero, etc.

Lead Generation Systems

Ex. LeadPages, Thrive Leads, OptinMonster, etc.

Webinar Systems

Ex. Zoom, GoToWebinar, WebinarJam, etc…

Product & Checkout Systems

Ex. WooCommerce, SamCart, Kajabi, Simplero, etc.

Membership & Course Systems

Ex. Kajabi, Simplero, Teachable, MemberPress, etc.

Powerful Services

We want to bring our technology, design, and marketing expertise to bear for you in as many ways as possible.

That’s why we’ve crafted these powerful services–to offer you a true partnership that goes beyond simple maintence and upkeep.

Answers & Advice Service

Ask us anything! We’ll want to help you overcome any uncertainty. We’ll even make you custom screencasts, if it helps.

Liason Service

We’ll communicate with and troubleshoot with customer support teams and other techies on your behalf. We speak their langauge!

Graphic Design Service

We’ll make pretty much any graphic for you! No more messing with Photoshop. Have the design experts take care of it!

Customer Tech Support

We’ll provide support for your customer’s tech needs as well! Just send us their message and we’ll work with them till it’s solved.

Project Management

We’ll ensure your larger, longer projects get done and manage any other service providers involved.

An Effective Partnership

As a US-based, two man operation, we keep our client base purposely small. We want to build close, effective partnerships with each of the clients, internalizing not just their systems, but their vision, style, and message.

In other words, we want save you from doing all the thinking. You can consider us your second brain: one which gets tech, gets design, and, most importantly, gets you.

How It Works

Working with us is a fun, smooth process. We’re enthusiatic by nature and enjoyable to work with. Here’s all the ways we will interact to help you be successful.

Requests & Priorities

Simply email us your priorities: tech requests, projects, design jobs, and questions. Easy.

Ongoing Communication

We stay in close contact with you about every active prirority throughout the week.

Priority Queue

We maintain a priority-based queue of your request, making sure the most important things always get done first.

Customer Messages

You can also send us messages from customers and we’ll work with them till the problem is solved.

What if I run out of things to send you guys?

As techie-designers, we can often see opporutnities that you can’t. So, if things ever get slow, we will identify and move forward on priorities that we believe will have an impact on your business (with your approval, of course). In other words, with us, you will always get your money’s worth.

Real Examples

Working with us is a fun, smooth process. We’re enthusiatic by nature and enjoyable to work with. Here’s all the ways we will interact to help you be successful.

Ramona Zabriskie

Award-winner author, speaker, and mentor to women worldwide.

Ramona uses TTT to build, manage, maintain, and advance her entire online presence, which includes a blog, 3 websites, 2 memebership sites, various landing pages, an online store, email marketing, and lots of graphic design work.

Protect Young Minds

A powerful blog and book series that arms families and children against the modern tide of pornography.

Protect Young Minds uses TTT to post and manage blog posts, run updates on their WordPress site, respond to issues, create new landing pages, and more.

Get Started

We strive to provide a environment that helps our partners flourish as a content creators and infuencers. That’s why we take time up front to get to know you and make sure we’re a good fit.

1. Contact Us

The first step is simple: contact us and let us know you’re interested in exploring a TTT partnership.

2. Meet With Us

We’ll schedule a exploration meeting where we’ll learn about you, your platform, and your brand.

3. Sign Up

If we’re both feeling the good vibrations, we’ll invite you to sign up for a monthly partnership.

4. Send Requests

Once you’re onboard, you can start sending in your tech requests, design jobs, and questions.